October 10th, 2013
Day 9 - Thursday

One thing about the rain, it keeps most of the fog away. There was a mist in the air, but no fog, and the mist became rain very quickly. It was wet until about 14:00h (2:00 p.m.). The temperature held around 45F also for that entire time.

I left Lewisburg, WVa, near the interchange of Hwy 219 and Interstate 64, and headed south on 219.

Today was also a challenging day for us (read that as frustrating). Again, we had no Verizon cell phone service and lost contact with each other for over 2 hours. You may realize the support van and I sort of play 'leap frog' with each other. I passed the vehicle, but was not seen, so the thought was I was still 'lost' somewhere behind.

We had met at the Kalico Kitchen in Union, left together, and I passed the vehicle about 5 miles (8 kilometers) later, but wasn't seen. I didn't know that. After some agonizing, worrisome (on both sides) passing of time, we connected again in Rich Creek, VA. I had waited a long time on that corner.

After climbing Big Walker mountain, I arrived in Dublin, VA, at 18:35h (6:30 p.m.), which is where we called it a night.

To see today's ride then you know what to do, just click here.

October 11th
Day 10 - Friday

To my comrades that have made this trip with me before, I didn't go over Draper Mountain today. I also saved 5 miles (8k). I probably also saved an hour in riding time.

I consulted with the vehicle gps, the bicycle gps, Microsoft Streets and Trips '11, and Google Maps, then I changed the routing for the first time in many years.

It turns out there is a road we can use beside Interstate 81, or the route we had been using out of Dublin (Hwy 11 and 100), and it avoids Draper mountain, and is shorter. I tried, and preferred, this new route.

Once we get into Mount Airy, NC, we usually check into the motel, but then ride out to the Hwy 601/268 interchange and drive back to the motel in the support vehicle. In the morning we drive back to 268 and continue on.

In Mount Airy this year, there turns out to be a Fall Leaf Festival and it's a Columbus Day Holiday weekend. Lots of people, no rooms. We were told, if available, the rates started at $140 per night. It's okay. I'll just continue on and see how far I can get. Thanks to not having to go over Draper, I end up near Elkin, NC.

I had turned off the gps in Mt. Airy, and in the lack of room confusion, thought I'd restarted it, and thought it was tracking thereafter. At the end it had the correct mileage, just no tracking information. Oh well, I'm sure this time it was my doing.

For what there is to see, then just follow this link.

October 12th
Day 11 - Saturday

What can I say? There was no sun all day, just overcast, with a temperature that hung right around 70F all day. Very nice. I never saw a flag flutter or a leaf blow. There was no wind. This was really a nice day for a ride.

As part of my re-routing from yesterday's study, I used Hwy 21 as the main route of travel today. I ended in Rock Hill, SC.

I was also 'held up' by a parade. The reporter, Darrel, covering the parade told me it would be probably done in 3 minutes. It did take a little longer, but was just a local event. It took place near the interchange of Hwy 21 and Hwy 421. He also wanted to, and did, a short interview with me after the parade was done. I guess it will be on local TV.

Overall, this was a really nice day for riding. Go here to check it out.

October 13th
Day 12 - Sunday

You may have noticed a glitch in the gps tracking the last couple of days. Well, after it tried to send me on a dirt/sand road, and added 5 miles (8k) to my distance to do that, I was fed up with it and cancelled it. I know where to go and it can take a break.

Leaving Rock Hill, SC, on Hwy 21 is not a bad run. There are some ups and downs, but no mountains. Straight. I mean at some points so very straight you could see the road as far as the eyes would allow. You stay on Hwy 21 until Columbia, SC, and it joins up with Hwy 321, the same one we have always used in the past.

Following 321 South takes you to North. I had to quit at this point. The run from Rock Hill to here is about 104.2 mi (167k) and now it's too late (read, dark). There is nothing in North. I mean, nothing. If you continue 14 miles ahead you come to Denmark. There's one motel that I know of (and it's a holiday weekend), and no restaurants, just fast food.

I load the bike into the vehicle and we go to Cayce for a motel. This has been a mentally long day.

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