Harvey Gordon is
available for you

Harvey Gordon is available to assist you while you are in the Niagara, Canada, area from April 10th until October 15th. Other dates are also possible to be arranged, such as during the Winter Festival of Lights.

Please contact Harvey to arrange times and dates for you or your group.


For services offered by Harvey Gordon, the fee is Seventy Five Dollars plus Twenty Five Dollars per hour, or part thereof. Any, and all, costs of activities are in addition. You can arrange your activities directly, or we can do it for you. We do not add to, or mark up, any of these expenses.

Some examples of additional activities or expenses could be:

-admissions to attractions
-gratuities (are at your discretion in most cases, but sometimes are added in by an establishment)

Harvey Gordon is a fully experienced and qualified Niagara Falls, Canada, tour guide. Harvey has completed more than 3000 tours with more than 75000 travel guests (and happy ones we might add).

Harvey has also completed more than 450 tours of the wine regions of both Niagara-on-the-Lake, and the Vineland, Grimsby, Beamsville areas with more than 4500 guests.

Harvey can also be available for other Ontario areas, although the time required will be longer depending upon the travel distance. Harvey can also be available on a limited basis for the Orlando, Florida, area including even the best routes through theme parks to get the most value of your time.

Will you have a great time? Absolutely! See what others said. Read, first hand, about their experience.

If you have any questions, or need details of how to put together a tour for you, your family, or your group, you can call 905 374 3637 in Canada, or 352 561 8697 in the US. You may (probably will) get voice mail, but certainly leave a message. You can also contact Harvey. It's just a click away.

Thanks for your consideration for Harvey Gordon to lead you around. (or is that astray?)

We often are asked about how much time is needed to tour Niagara and it's really up to you and what you wish to do. Contact us and see what can be arranged for your circumstance. The fee for five hours is: 5hr x $25=$125 plus $75= a total of $200 plus tax.

Guide service second to none. Believe it! Check out what others have said.

Thanks again.

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