For the 901 who
Voted for me...
Thank you
Harvey Gordon

To learn more than you want to know about Harvey Gordon, just follow the many links available. I thank you for doing your due diligence before just voting at random, or because of a name. Thanks for your consideration.

I don't have an opinion. Well, I really probably do, but as your elected official, I don't think it really counts. You count. Your opinion counts. What you want counts.

As your representative, the function of the councilor is to represent, influence, and vote on the wishes of you, the citizen (taxpayer). I trust I can do this for you.

To understand me and my 64 years of life, mostly in Niagara Falls; my years in business in Niagara Falls; some of my situations, dilemmas, & fights with different levels of government; and just about me in general, please check out the tabs on the left. Again, I do thank you for considering me to represent you at City Hall in Niagara Falls, Canada.

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