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I, Harvey Gordon, am extremely happy to bring this resource to you. Please use what you can, and disregard the rest.

Some links will lead to free services, information, lots of information about me, or even things. We hope many will be of great benefit to you.

Some links will lead to areas with fees or charges. Please use your own discretion to use what is beneficial to you. Don't waste your money or resources. You must be good stewards of what you already have. Only proceed with that which will advance you, your family, or your friends. Do what is best for you living your abundant life. Remember: A fool and his money are soon parted. I'll repeat, you need to use discretion to have abundance. When you are abundant you can bless, help, and benefit others.

As one gentleman has asked, "If you've been blessed, what are you doing with your blessings? If you're talented, what are you doing with your talents?" Don't keep your abundance to yourself. Don't be afraid to give it away. Just don't be foolish.

If you find a link leads to a dead end, inappropriate content, or unfair prices or practices, please use the 'Contact Us' link to let us know. We will check it out and take action on it. Thanks for being here.

In a follow up to this, we hate spam as much as we're sure you do. You cannot reach us through regular email (unless you have been 'whitelisted'). If you need to reach us, use the 'Contact Us' tab up to your left, or simply contact here. We never rent, sell, or give, your email to anyone else. It's between us. Thanks for helping us control spam.

Welcome to the World of Harvey Gordon

Hi! Welcome to my world. The first thing I present to you --- is ME!

If you really would like to know me better, just click on my bio. Most of anything you might want is there (probably more than you want). My life is an open book. Check me out before doing business with me. That will put both of us more at ease. Thanks.

Let's start by not losing our things. Keep your possessions as yours, not someone else who decided to claim it. Check out this great technology.

If you are looking for the story of riding bicycles to Florida, click on the 'riding bicycles.'

Are you looking for Accommodation, Food, or other services? Then download to your Andriod based cell phone the free app findit.guide. Just type findit.guide into your cell phone internet browser (and if you want your business added to the app, then just contact me.)

Are you getting ready to build a website? Let Solo Build It help. This is what I use to create, host, and help me maintain this site. If you want to know what they could do for you, then please try Sitesell.

Are you as healthy as you think you should be? Go to Circle Of Life to see how you fare. Take a look at how Health and Science might benefit you.

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The first day of bicycling to florida
bicycling day activities
Niagara to Florida by bicycle
Our trip and route to Florida from Niagara
Welcome to Our 2013 Florida Bound Bicycle Ride
Riding from Niagara Falls to Florida for the 23rd time

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