The Biography of Harvey Gordon

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Harvey was born in Toronto, Ontario, on September 7, 1950. That, of course, makes him now 60+ years young. Still lots of life and energy left in him, and old enough to have lived life and have experience for what's ahead.

Harvey's parents (Ernie & Mavis Foster) moved from Toronto to Barrie when he was still very young. They moved to Niagara Falls in 1962. The family lived on Caledonia Street. Harvey was the oldest child with two sisters following.

Harvey went to school for grade six to James Morden School.

Grades seven and eight were at Princess Margaret School.

Grade nine was at Eden Christian College on Hwy 55, near Virgil. He dormered there from Monday to Friday, and was home on the weekends. Harvey remembers this as being his best time in school. Only he was having way too much fun, and not doing what he should. It was 'suggested' to his parents that he attend a secular school. The next year he went to Stamford back in Niagara Falls.

The teacher Harvey remembers at Stamford is an Al Rossiter. English and public speaking were Harvey's best subjects. Harvey found he enjoyed, and was pretty good at, speaking in front of people.

After school, a short time was spent in Toronto. After all, the only work in Niagara Falls was with those tourists! And they certainly didn't know how to drive! Now that Harvey has a licence, better get out of the way.

Toronto was just too busy and unfriendly. Can't stay here! Let's try Kitchener. With his electronics background and training, Electrohome hired him. So, he stayed in Kitchener. His years here were great, but it wasn't home. In 1979 Harvey moved back to Niagara Falls…

But while in Kitchener, his best friend, Mark Emmerson, needed another bus driver to help him out with the Church transportation. Harvey said, "No! Do you see how long that thing is? I'm happy just driving my sixteen foot Chrysler. Thanks anyway."

His buddy though was encouraging, yet persistent. Harvey gave it a try. Yes, he TRIED to drive a bus. Good thing it was out in the sticks of Sebringville, Ontario. With guidance and help from Mark, Harvey acquired a bus licence and started to help out. Big mistake!

This is more fun than looking inside the backs of televisions. Oh, oh! It’s time for a career change.

So, back to Niagara Falls.

The first day back in Niagara Falls, G and G Motor Coach Tours hired him. It was the best of both worlds. He could speak to people, and meet people from all over the world. It turned out to be Harvey’s gift. Now the ‘tourists’ were his best friends. He guided and helped them enjoy their vacation in Niagara Falls, his hometown.

In 1984, the Disney organization offered, for their first time, to teach - for a price – their people-service techniques. Harvey booked off work and was there. This turned out to be great training, and presented new insights to Harvey of how to treat our guests. Harvey has maintained these principles and guidelines throughout his career. He has expounded and studied customer service ever since (as a footnote, Harvey has been an admirer and studier of Walt Disney since high school, taking Disney training seemed natural). Treating people fairly and right has always been an attribute of Harvey. There is an award in Niagara Falls called a 'Misty' award. Harvey has won the award for Hospitality on more than a couple of occasions.

In 1988, Harvey was now working for Niagara Falls Taxi Ltd. He had been for a couple of years. He had NEVER driven a taxicab. Harvey started as a bus driver for Red Carpet Tours, owned by Niagara Falls Taxi. He became the manager of the tour operation in 1987 until early 1988. The Shareholders of Niagara Falls Taxi Limited, decided to sell Red Carpet Tours. After some negotiations, Harvey took over Red Carpet Tours on May 20, 1988.

It’s interesting sometimes how things work out.

Through the death of a friend, a Niagara Falls Taxi Shareholder and owner, Harvey acquired his first Taxicab Licence. It worked out to be a very favorable price and arrangement. It was August 1988. Since then he has acquired more licences, and added partners.

In June of 2003, Harvey was elected as President of Niagara Falls Taxi Ltd. He only came to work for them in 1988. Now how did this happen? Harvey thanks the Shareholders for their trust. Harvey remained President for only one year. The Casino convinced Harvey he didn't want this position anymore.

Harvey enjoys playing tennis, swimming, and cycling. Those who know him will know he rides his bicycle from Niagara Falls to Florida each year. Usually in October. Do you wish to know more about riding to Florida?

Today, at sixty five+ years old, Harvey has the time to represent the taxpayers of his hometown, Niagara Falls. With his wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, he will give wise input and a strong voice for the people, the taxpaper of our city. Harvey is young enough to have the drive and energy to take on the task set before him, and Harvey is old enough to have lived life to have the wisdom needed for the job. Harvey Gordon ran for Niagara Falls City Council. He didn't win. If you can, in a future election, please vote for Harvey Gordon.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Harvey Gordon

Please vote for Harvey Gordon when you can. Thanks.

To contact Harvey call 905.374.3637, or go to Contact.

Go to The Longer Bio.

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