October 14th -2013
Day 13 - Monday

Well, it looks like a nice day and we drive South to get to North. Go figure.

Today was a day of just a little wind and overall clear. It did start to sputter (drizzle, rain) just 20 mi (32k) north of Hardeeville, but never came down enough to get me wet. I just kept riding.

Actually, the ride from Estill, SC, to Hardeeville, SC, has always seemed like a challenge. For some reason today, I didn't seem to mind it at all. Some of my best speeds were made in this stretch today. I think from approximately Estill on, I was running 14-15 mph (23-25kph). The total run today from North to Hardeeville was 99 mi (160k).

We used to stay at a Comfort Inn here, but it's now a Red Roof Inn. There was a Shoney's here, but it burned down. There is only a Mexican restaurant or Fast Food available at this location. Oh well, I'm sure I'll survive.

I think I should be in Florida on Wednesday. We'll see.

October 15th
Day 14 - Tuesday

After getting disgusted with the gps a couple of days ago, I decided to charge it up last night and plug in the address for today's destination. What? It routed exactly the same way I had already figured, so I decided to give it a try again. It was fine. Here's today's ride. I made some nice speeds too.

Leaving the motel in Hardeeville, SC, started with a slight wind actually behind me. As the day went on, however, it turned to in front of me. Not a heavy or bad wind, just there. There was no rain, not much sun, and overall, not bad roads. The temperature stayed around 70F all day.

I arrived at the Comfort Inn in Brunswick, GA, at 17:30 (5:30 p.m.).

October 16 - Final Day
Day 15 - Wednesday

Although there was a constant head wind, not heavy, just steady, this was an easy final day run.

I had to do less than 45 miles (70-75k) to get to Florida. It was 80F most of the time, but I enjoy the heat as anyone who knows me will attest.

I was just yards (meters) away from the border (which is on the center of a short bridge), and the bridge is out. There is no crossing of the St Mary's river at this point. This has happened before. It makes one wonder why they can't keep a bridge there. Oh well. I'm done and just so close.

Here's the final link to finish this Niagara Falls to Florida Bound Bicycle Ride.

I hope you enjoyed following my travels as much as I enjoyed doing the trip and sharing my adventures with you. Thanks for following along.

Remember: You can send me an email to Harvey@bikerider.com

And here's a piece of trivia for you. According to the computer on the bike, I turned the pedals a total of 244,574 times. Just in case you wondered.

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