My Two Sisters
Diane and Barbara

I was the firstborn to Ernest and Mavis Foster in 1950.

Along came a sister in September, 1952. She was named Marjorie Diane Foster. She is known by her two last names, Diane Foster. Diane was married to Brian and they had a baby girl. Her name is Sarah. Sarah was married and had a baby boy. Diane is now a grandmother. They named their baby boy Connor. Sarah’s marriage unfortunately didn’t continue. After her life moved on, she met another and now they have two other children.

It looks like Connor has the 'wheels' syndrome in him as well. His grandmother, Diane, rode a bicycle and added a tandem attachment to her bike. Connor had his own seat, handle bars, and his own pedals. He rode with his grandmother anywhere. Our mother lives in Niagara Falls, Diane is in St. Catharines. There is about ten miles (sixteen kilometers) between their houses. Connor pedaled this distance regularly. It is unfortunate but my sister Diane now gets around in a motorized wheelchair. It appears her bicycle riding days are over.

In July, 1954, another sister came along. She was named Barbara Joyce Foster.

Barbara was married to Richard. They had a daughter, named her Rebecca (Becky), and a couple years later another daughter. This one they named Amy. A couple years later they had a son. They named him Richard Jr. Somewhere along the way he acquired the nickname of Buddy and that's pretty much how he is known today. Richard Sr has since passed away. He was only in his young fifties.

None of their children have been married as of this date, even though the youngest, Buddy, is now past twenty. Time really does go quickly.

Today my sister Diane is actively looking after her grandson, is involved with her church, and has the dream of becoming an author one day.

My sister Barbara is living in Niagara Falls. Her daughters have their own apartments along with their mother in the same building. Her son lives at the same place as well. Her children are all close to her.

Our dad passed away in December of 2003; we will celebrated our mom’s eightieth birthday in April 2011; my sisters are well, and I'm still here. I guess that's all good.

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