What has life taught me?

Well first...

It doesn't matter how anything you are; how fast, how big, how smart, how fast you drive, how good you are (at anything), or how strong; or at the other end of the scale, how bad or mean, or weak, or slow, dumb, or anything you are. Reguardless of how anything you are, there is someone who is more. You can drive down the road as fast as you try and someone will still be faster and pass you. Anything you or I are, there is someone more so. Really, we're all pretty normal.

Am I Still Always Late?

Somewhere in the growing up process, being in business for myself, and in order to respect others, I’m no longer usually late. I now consider myself to be punctual, but not early. If you want me somewhere at six o’clock, look for me one or two minutes before, but not ten minutes before, I won’t likely be there.

I have tried to adopt Harvey MacKay’s (author of 'How to Swim with the Sharks') principle. The plan is to never be late. Always honor your word and be where you said you would be and when. No excuses. I’ve probably had this attitude for thirty or more years now.

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