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You Get 85 Percent

We will try to sell your items for you. If you are afraid of the Internet, think you might get a computer bug or a virus, maybe you just don't use computers enough, or maybe you have a friend or relative that needs some help, or are just too timid to give it a shot, then get85percent will do the work for you. Our commission is 15% of the winning bid (or selling price) this way you get 85 percent. You cover the listing costs. The buyer pays the shipping and handling fees.

It just might be time to get rid of some of that 'junk' laying around (as they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure). The stuff that you thought you might throw out. Anything you'll be glad to be rid of. Let get85percent help you out. Put some cash into your pocket, and clean up as well (get it? clean up - the house and financially).


Based on the starting price, there is an 'Insertion Fee.' The following is to be used as a guideline, and may not be totally accurate, but it will be very close to the actual fee involved. You may ask, and we will disclose, the total fee to be paid once we have a listing to be placed.

The fee is usually less than 15 cents (u.s.) to insert. We start all listings at 99 cents (or what you approve). A bold listing is an additional fee. If you wish to start a listing with a higher asking or starting price, the insertion fee is greater, up to $4.00.

There is also a 'Final Value Fee' and it is based upon the closing price or winning bid. The fee is between six percent (6%) and fifteen percent (15%) of the closing value (or winning bid). A complete fee structure is available on the ebay web site. WE DO NOT MAKE ANY PROFIT ON FEES. You will only pay what we are charged and these fees are fully disclosed. You can see these fees directly on the eBay Website. One picture is included in the fee. If you wish additional pictures, there is again, an additional fee (after the first one). Please note that prices are in United States Currency. Thank you.

If you would like us to help you sell your things on ebay, then please contact us here and enter 'ebay' in the comments section.

Harvey Gordon

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