Employment Insurance

You will notice the title of this page is Employment Insurance. The sub-title would be ‘Thieves.’

In case you think we know of people who are stealing from our government and will disclose them here, you are wrong.

This site will show you how the Canadian Government steals from the Canadian people and don't have to justify it. They don't have to explain their actions. They don't even have to prove anything. They just openly steal. And we the people must think its okay. Nothing is done about it. Most people probably aren't even aware of it. They steal every day. I know firsthand.

I'll take you through the process step by step. I kept the paperwork. They don't even keep their word. They can promise or tell you one thing, and do something else, and that's okay. If you or I don't tell the truth, you can be sure they'll penalize us.

I tell the story, the whole story. The EI, a government agency, STEALS, and does so regularly.

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