Day Three - November 1st, 2010

We left the Best Western Motel at 8:05h. The sun was shining quite nicely, but it was 29F. Brrrr. This doesn't stop us though, so away we go. We leave on 219, but after passing through DuBois we branch off onto hwy 119 for the rest of the day.

We stopped in a little town about noon. It was Home, Pa. The restaurant was called 'Home Made.' The waitress slapped me (on the shoulder) for 'lying' about riding our bikes from Niagara Falls, but then had to tell the owner when she realized it was true.

The owner, Cindy, came out to meet us and wish us well. Our lunches were quite fine as well.

In the mid afternoon we lost Dale. He was last in line behind me and then suddenly he wasn't.

The three of us waited just outside of Indiana, PA, and sent Becky back to find him. As she located him, he was already heading toward us. Turns out, he broke a chain. Being resourceful, and much used to traveling alone, he had repaired it and caught up to us.

After leaving Blairsville, we almost decided to ride in the van. The road construction and the traffic was extremely unnerving. We just couldn't negotiate our way through. We rode on the inside of the construction zone; we rode in the construction zone; we rode on hard packed stones; we tried whatever we could to get through. After much delay and aggravation, we made it and were able to continue.

We finished at the Knights Inn in Greensburg, PA. After our usual clean up, Becky drove us to Pizza Hut for a fine dinner.

Today I went 138.6k in 7h 38m giving me an average of 18.1k.

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