i.k.Tel Networks

Cable High-Speed Internet for Le$$

Starts at just $23.96 per month


If you live in the Southern Ontario, Canada, area and are currently getting your Internet from Cogeco or Bell (or just want Internet), then

i.k.Tel Networks is for you.
Prices start at just $23.96/ mo (4Mbps, 40G) and the caps (capacities you can use before being charged for over-use) are higher than the incumbents.

You pay what's good for you. i.k.Tel Networks doesn't charge you for someone else's high demands. If you use 30 GBs a month, and someone else uses 300 or 3000 GBs a month, why should you subsidize them? Under the new CRTC rulings (2011), "unlimited" plans for a set price aren't viable.

And just so you know, if you are on a 'price cap' plan (such as a so much max overcharge (e.g. $50)), then read the 'Terms of Service' of the provider, and it states, 'the Provider will have the right to terminate the service for the balance of the billing period, or reduce the speed' which means that you might get your email, but no videos such as YouTube, etc. If you wish more Internet bandwidth, you will need to move up to the next higher rateplan, or wait out the month without full service.

On the higher rate plans, there are no limits so your service would not be interrupted, but if you use it, you pay for it. Think about what is fair. Does any other utility (gas, water, electric) give you 'unlimited' supply?

With i.k.Tel, you only pay for what you want.

8 Mbps - 80G bandwidth - just $ 28.96

14 Mbps - 160G bandwidth - just $37.94

For the best Internet rates around, go to i.k.Tel Networks ...and thanks for checking them, and us, out...

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