My Poem to Mr. Mousseau

A teacher at Princess Margaret School

I have to write a poem
The subject’s ‘Anything’
Of how I’d walk, how I’d talk,
Or even how I’d sing

Of how I'd drive a car,
Or how I'd go to school,
Of how I'd play a hockey game
Or swim in a swimming pool

It really doesn’t matter
The subject that I choose
But if I do not write this poem
Many marks I’ll lose

And so Mr. Mousseau
Here’s your silly poem
I’ve done what you’ve told me
Now can I go home?

If you won’t let me
I’ll go anyway
We’re going to California
In the Falls I won’t stay

We’re leaving on Friday
And bid you all adieu
I wish the class my best
And especially to you

I’ll send you a postcard
When I am afar
And if they send the rockets up
I’ll meet you on a star.

Written for, I think, a grade seven project
just before the family went to
Los Angeles, California, 1962 or 1963.

Written by Harvey with the help of his mother, Mavis
(or maybe that was: written by Mavis with no help from her son, Harvey)

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