Our Fifth Day Out - Nov. 3rd

Well, it was warmer to start today. 36F. It did warm up fairly quickly after 10:30h though. Not really much to report about today other than it was an okay day for riding, the sun was shining, and the wind was only 10 m/h (16 k/h) against us.

We took a small break in Elkins, W Va, and this is also where hwy 250 and 219 join together. We now follow hwy 219 south.

After climbing over Cheat Mountain, we all headed for the Inn at Snowshoe. This is where we usually stay. However, it was closed. The sign said 'for the season.' By the time I arrived the others had already loaded 2 bikes onto the rack. We added mine and the 4th. It also started to rain as we were loading the vehicle.

We headed to the next motel, The Marlington Motor Inn (which I probably wouldn't recommend), and checked in, cleaned up, and had dinner in their on site restaurant. That's our day.

It's now cold, raining, no cell phone service signal, and no internet. Guess it will be an early night.

Today I went 108.48k in 6h 23m riding time for an average of 17.0k/h, just over 10m/h.

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